The Society has objected to the plans for a development of approximately 300 homes between Onehouse/Union Roads and Finborough Road (B1115). The objections centre on (1) layout and design, especially the impact the development would have on the setting of Stow Lodge and (2) the opportunity lost in providing a link for traffic between the B1115 and the A14 using some of this land and then connecting with Chilton Way, thus avoiding the town centre.

Town Trail

The Society has been asked by the Town Council to revise the town trail drawn up several years ago and now out of date and out of print. This is currently being considered.

Local Listing

Stowmarket has a large number of buildings on the national list (see Listed Buildings page) which protects them against unauthorised alterations or demolition. It is now possible to draw up a list of buildings which are not of sufficient rarity or interest to make it on to the national list but which are of still considered of importance locally. The planning authority is then required to take the local list into account when any developments affecting such buildings or their settings are under consideration. The Stowmarket Society intends to compile a local list for the town.


An ongoing project is to improve the setting of the parish church and the surrounding buildings, especially by tackling the state of the informal footpaths across the burial ground. The background to this project and the Society’s proposals as discussed with the Town Council are referred to in Newsletters 97 and 98 (see Newsletters page). Nothing can be achieved until finance for the project has been sought and secured.

The footpaths across the Camping Land also require attention.