Listed Buildings

There are over 130 buildings within the town that are on the statutory list of Buildings of Architectural or Historical Interest maintained by the Department of Culture, Media and Sport.

Listing of buildings helps acknowledge and understand our shared history.  It marks and celebrates a building’s special architectural and historic interest, and also brings it under the protection of the planning system so that some thought will be taken about its future.

The national listing system allocates each building within three grades

Grade I buildings are of exceptional interest, sometimes considered to be internationally important. Just 2.5% of all listed buildings are Grade I.

Grade II* buildings are particularly important buildings of more than special interest. 5.5% of all listed buildings are Grade II*.

Grade II buildings are nationally important and of special interest. 92% of listed buildings are in this class.

The full list of Stowmarket’s listed buildings is set out below – as we continue work on this website we intend to provide more information about these buildings and add some photographs. Until then English Heritage’s Images of England website provides a description of most of these buildings together with a photograph. Just follow this link:-

Images of England

If you enter Stowmarket into the search facility the first 30 or so items will be listed buildings in the various Stowmarket Roads and Streets of surrounding villages. Stowmarket’s listed buildings follow in the sequence. Most of the photographs were taken in 1999.

An alternative is to use Historic England’s National Heritage List for England. Searching this for “Stowmarket” gives up-to-date information on each listed building and a map showing location, but no photograph.

Grade I

Church of St Peter and St Mary, Church Walk

Grade II*

(Listed alphabetically by street name, except for museum entries)

Edgar’s Farmhouse – Museum of East Anglian Life

The Barn, Museum of East Anglian Life

Valley Farmhouse, Combs Lane

Abbot’s Hall, Crowe Street

The Cedars Hotel, Needham Road

The Meadlands, Needham Road

3 Station Road

Lynton House, 10 Station Road

The Stricklands, Stricklands Road

The Rookery, 15 & 15A Tavern Street

Grade II

(Listed alphabetically by street name)

Albert Mill, Bond Street

Bury Lodge, 13 Bury Road

1&3 Bury Street

9 & 11 Bury Street

13 Bury Street

15, 17 & 19 Bury Street

21, 21A & 23 Bury Street

25 Bury Street

27 Bury Street

33 35 & 35A Bury Street

37 Bury Street

Denmark House, 41 Bury Street

101 Bury Street

103 Bury Street

6 & 8 Bury Street

10A Bury Street

22, 22A, &24 Bury Street

26 Bury Street

48 – 56 Bury Street

Bethesda Chapel, Bury Street

82 & 84 Bury Street

88 Bury Street

92 Bury Street

96 Bury Street

100 Bury Street

102 & 104 Bury Street

1 Buttermarket

3 & 5 Buttermarket

2, 4 & 6 Buttermarket

7 Church Walk

14 & 15 Church Walk

18-26 Church Walk

Group of four chest tombs south of church nave, Church Walk

Monument 6m south east of church chancel, Church Walk

Monument 20m south east of church chancel, Church Walk

Oakwood, 18 Combs Lane

22 Combs Lane

Valley Farmhouse Barn, Combs Lane

Sheepcote Hall, Creeting Road

Sheepcote Hall Barn, Creeting Road

Sheepcote Hall Stables and Hayloft, Creeting Road

Walnut Tree Cottage, Creeting Road

6 & 8 Crowe Street

10 Crowe Street

12 Crowe Street

14 Crowe Street

18 & 20 Crowe Street

Abbot’s Hall enclosed garden walls and attached greenhouse, Crowe Street

Abbot’s Hall fishing lodge, Crowe Street

Abbott’s Hall stables, Crowe Street

Wellington House, 2 Finborough Road

The Firs, 81 Finborough Road

The Magpie Inn, The Ford

3 The Ford

10 The Ford

Chilton Court, Gainsborough Road

Chilton Hall, Holst Mead

Chilton Hall barn, Holst Mead

The Limes 27 Ipswich Road

Verandah Cottage, 29 Finborough Road

Ford Millhouse 48 Ipswich Road

1&3 Ipswich Street

5 Ipswich Street

7 Ipswich Street

23 Ipswich Street

25 Ipswich Street

Old Fox Hotel, 27 Ipswich Street

31 & 31A Ipswich Street

33 & 33A Ipswich Street

Royal Oak Public House, 43 Ipswich Street

67 Ipswich Street

69 Ipswich Street

Old Malthouse, 129 Ipswich Street

4 & 6 Ipswich Street

Prezzo’s (formerly Dukes Head Inn), Ipswich Street

13 Marriott’s Walk

1 & 1A Market Place

3 Market Place

5 Market Place

7 Market Place

National Westminster Bank, Market Place

2 Market Place

4 & 6 Market Place

8 & 12 Market Place

14 Market Place

Council Offices and Oak Cottage, 1, 3 & 5 Milton Road

The Willows 59 Needham Road

Old Timbers, 65 Needham road

2 & 4 Needham Road

28 Needham Road

30 Needham Road

The Ashes, Newton Road

Chelsea Cottage, Pound Lane

Methodist Church, Regent Street

Queen’s Head public house, 1 Station Road

7, 9 & 9A Station Road

11 & 13 Station Road

19 & 19A Station Road

Gipping House, 2 Station Road

The Maltings. Station Road

Stowmarket Railway Station, Station Road

Norton House, Stowupland Road

Uplands, Stowupland Road

35 & 37 Stowupland Street

39 & 41 Stowupland Street

61 & 63 Stowupland Street

The Pickerel Inn, 65 Stowupland Street

18 Stowupland Street

22, 24, 26 & 26A Stowupland Street

Number 3 and attached workshop, Tavern Street

5 Tavern Street

7 & 9 Tavern Street

13 Tavern Street

12 & 14 Tavern Street

16 & 18 Tavern Street

Stow House, 20 Tavern Street

86 Union Street

34 & 36 Violet Hill Road

Evelyn Fison House, Violet Hill Road