Welcome to the Stowmarket Society website

The Stowmarket Society is for everyone who cares about their surroundings in the town of Stowmarket and its neighbouring villages and countryside.

We’re passionate about architecture, townscape, landscape and a lot more…

We’re concerned with every aspect of our surroundings. From the big things – streets, parks, open spaces – to the small things that can make so much difference to the quality of life – pavements and paths, benches and bins, signs and street-names.

Have a look through our website to find out more. Details of what we, and other civic societies, do are outlined on the About Us page, and there is information on our town and our activities on other pages.

If you care about these things too, why not join us!

The Stowmarket Society is your local amenity society. We exist to act as a voice for those who are concerned to protect the future of our town. To us, Stowmarket is a special place, with its own history and identity. It has suffered a lot in the past from bad development and the loss of historic buildings. Help us to ensure that these are things of the past by keeping up your interest and recruiting new members.

Annual subscriptions are still only £2 per person. To join, please see the Contacts page.



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